IPPUDO OUTSIDE|ラーメンや一風堂にまつわる“ヒト・モノ・コト”にフォーカスするウェブマガジン

IPPUDO OUTSIDE|ラーメンや一風堂にまつわる“ヒト・モノ・コト”にフォーカスするウェブマガジン


To create your one and only ramen!
What is “My Ramen” which is limited only to the Machida shop?

Both children and adults alike are happy when they are able to eat only what they like. A service to create your favorite ramen called “My Ramen” is now underway only in Ippudo Machida shop. Making your one and only ramen and the heart beating joy of it all will be introduced together with the tasting which was held.


An ordering system where you can select the topping of your choice.

Hello. This is Kato, editor and writer. Last time, we posted an article discussing about the renewal of Ippudo uniform in Japan but this time a service unique to Machida shop called “My Ramen” will be introduced. “My Ramen” is a service where you can order a ramen to suit your taste by choosing 3 toppings out of 7 that is available. There are many families that come to the Machida shop and with the thought of wanting children to enjoy ramen, this service commenced on the 17th of June.
一風堂 myramen_01 一風堂 yramen_02

This is Ippudo Machida shop. A “My Ramen” poster greets you.

There are a wide variety of toppings to choose, from the orthodox to the niche. They are roasted pork fillet, soft-boiled salted egg, spring onions, chili miso, cloud ear mushrooms, wonton and seaweed. Of course, adults can order them but bear in mind that the volume of the soup and noodle is catered for children. If your stomach is not full, it may be a good idea to have a second serving of noodles. At the Machida shop there was a tasting of “My Ramen” inviting consumers (3 groups of parent & child) who answered the advertisement on the Ippudo website to comment on the ramen.

一風堂 myramen_03 一風堂 myramen_04 一風堂 myramen_05 一風堂 myramen_07


Three groups of children full of energy. They seem to be regular customers of Ippudo.

The idea of “My Ramen” came from Mr. Masahiro Noguchi, manager of Ippudo, Machida shop. Many customers said to him directly, “Do you have this kind of ramen?” and “I want this kind of ramen” and wondering whether he can make a ramen to suit each customer and wanting the customers to enjoy ramen by offering more choices, led to the idea of “My Ramen”. “The biggest clue came from Children’s ramen. When families came to our shop, I noticed, many times, a child eating a child’s ramen being given a piece of roasted pork fillet from the father. A child eating a child ramen is more likely to want to eat other kinds of ramen and because it is called “Child ramen” it was unfortunate that children who were in their upper grades of elementary school would not order them. That is when I thought of starting “My Ramen” where you can choose the topping of your choice to enjoy.”

一風堂 myramen_07 一風堂 myramen_08

Machida shop manager, Mr. Noguchi. Training to become a manager of Ippudo franchise.

What did you all think about “My Ramen”?

The soup of “My Ramen” is based on Shiromaru. The ingredient is kept simple, just one processed fish paste. The chosen toppings are placed separately on a plate and those who participated in the tasting placed them on the ramen as they wished. “My Ramen” is about creating your favorite ramen. Because they chose the toppings themselves, children will happily eat all of it. While enjoying the process of garnishing your ramen yourself, excitement different to that of your normal meal at home were seen. After the tasting, we asked the three families who participated about “My Ramen”.

Akira & Mei Kidoguchi
一風堂 myramen_09
“When I go to Ippudo with my family, first I share one ramen with my daughter. If we’re not full, we order another serving of noodles and share that. In the end, I order a half-serving of noodles. My daughter is now able to finish one ramen herself and if I’m not careful she will eat my ramen as well (laugh). What is good about “My Ramen” is that you can leave out the things you don’t like. I chose roasted pork fillet, soft-boiled salted egg, cloud ear mushrooms, and wonton. My daughter chose cloud ear mushrooms, seaweed and two pieces of roasted pork fillets. Because they are all things you like, you eat it all and it’s fun to garnish your ramen yourself. My daughter said that she wanted to have bean sprouts included as one of the toppings. ”

Masami, Haruto and Arisa Kuchiwano
一風堂 myramen_10
“It is cute the way the toppings are place on a plate. The children seem to enjoy it more than their normal meals and from the parent’s point of view, the children seem to want to eat it all having garnished and chosen the toppings themselves. My daughter doesn’t eat much but “My Ramen” seems to be just the right size. My son eats quite a lot being a boy so maybe not enough for him. He says he wants to have Gyoza as a topping (laugh). My son chose seaweed, roasted pork fillet, spring onions and soft-boiled salted egg and my daughter chose seaweed, roasted pork fillet, cloud ear mushrooms and egg. I had wonton, spring onions, chili miso and soft-boiled salted egg.”

Saori, Yasuki and Shion Takahashi
一風堂 myramen_11 “I chose cloud ear mushrooms, seaweed, egg and wonton but even with three toppings I would definitely have chosen wonton first. Both my sons love Ippudo and my elder son chose roasted pork fillet, egg, cloud ear mushrooms and seaweed and my younger son chose spring onions, cloud ear mushrooms and two pieces of roasted pork fillets. I think “My Ramen” is a perfect size for children and women but for growing boys they seemed a bit small and both of them had second serving of noodles. In our house the only time my sons would do garnishing is when they are asked to help out, so it would be nice if they start offering to do it themselves at home having done so this time.

“My Ramen” of the future seen through the eyes of the manager

“My Ramen” was created with the thought of wanting to cater to all kinds of people, not only children. For example, those who cannot eat one normal size ramen because they eat only a little or because they are worried about the sugar content, those wanting to eat just the right amount of ramen as a finishing ramen after having had a drink and the elderly who haven’t had a ramen for a while. “My Ramen” will make people who have stayed away from ramen for certain reasons want to have ramen again. Mr. Noguchi, the manager, spoke of his future plans.

“Currently, there are only 7 toppings, but I would like to be more diverse. Having more varieties of noodles and soup would allow customers to enjoy more. I would like to spread “My Ramen” itself to other shops besides the Machida shop. Making your own ramen, I believe, will be popular anywhere. So, each shop should arrange a topping of their own chhttps://ippudo-outside.net/en/create-one-ramen-ramen-limited-machida-shop/?preview=trueoosing to cater for the taste of the people living in the local area.”

The joy of choosing what you want to eat and the excitement you get when your favorite food appears right in front of you will not change even if you grow up. Please enjoy “My Ramen” at the Machida shop this summer.

一風堂 myramen_12

The toppings are offered on a separate plate. By garnishing the toppings yourself, it is if you’ve made it yourself!

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