IPPUDO OUTSIDE|ラーメンや一風堂にまつわる“ヒト・モノ・コト”にフォーカスするウェブマガジン

IPPUDO OUTSIDE|ラーメンや一風堂にまつわる“ヒト・モノ・コト”にフォーカスするウェブマガジン


The IPPUDO OUTSIDE webzine presents
a deeper look at the people, things,
and activities of Ippudo,
and of course of ramen.

Ramen has been treasured by the Japanese as everyday food for centuries,
and today people around the world are discovering just how good it is. 。

Ippudo opened its doors in Daimyo, Fukuoka in 1985, and in 2008 finally established its first restaurant in New York City.
Today there are Ippudo restaurants in Europe, East Asia, and Oceania,
spreading the unique food culture of ramen internationally under our motto of

IPPUDO OUTSIDE focuses on our restaurants worldwide, and on the many things that happen in the ramen kitchen.
In addition to information on ramen culture,
it offers insight into the history and hopes behind every bowl, reportage on unique ways ramen is spreading in other countries,
and a deeper look into every aspect of ramen and Ippudo.

Our goal is to make that bowl of ramen taste even more delicious after you’ve read it.

IPPUDO OUTSIDE editorial section