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int(2) //ここからループの始まり

Here’s the moment you’ve been waiting for! The first “IPPUDO Paris” ramen shop.

I first talked about the preparations for the IPPUDO Paris ramen shop at the time of the first posting of “IPPUDO OUTSIDE”. With a staff uniform designed by Mihara Yasuhiro and a unique, specially designed car built by Renault named the “Renault Kangoo”, the publicity for the first IPPUDO in Paris generated …

コンセプトは「MADE IN FUKUOKA」。リニューアルされた一風堂1号店のユニフォーム

The concept is “MADE IN FUKUOKA”. IPPUDO’s very first ramen shop uniform redesigned

In December 2015, the uniform of the Daimyo Head Office which was IPPUDO’s very first ramen shop was redesigned. Although I say “redesigned”, this doesn’t mean that it was only the design itself that underwent a makeover. IPPUDO has its roots in Fukuoka, and so the idea behind redesigning the uniform was to …


Three IPPUDO ramen shops with a limited-time menu … ramen with no noodles!

IPPUDO teamed up with Mamefuji, a tofu shop with a very long history to collaborate on a one-month, limited-shop menu in March 2016, which elicited an overwhelming response throughout Japan. This dish was the loving creation of two people both from Fukuoka prefecture resulting in Shiromaru Tonkotsu …


Japanese sake topped with Japanese culture “BAR IPPUDO” in Singapore

Serving bowls of ramen every day in hopes of making ramen popular throughout the world as a “global food” – such is IPPUDO’s goal. But in actual fact, there are some IPPUDO shops where ramen isn’t the main item on the menu. Take “BAR IPPUDO” for example, which opened in Singapore in 2015.



IPPUDO started out in 1985 as a small ramen shop in Hakata, opened its first ramen shop abroad in New York in 2008, and now as of October 2015, has expanded to 53 ramen shops in 12 countries around the world. And now, IPPUDO is preparing to open a shop in the gourmet capital itself, Paris.