Journal from IPPUDO spanning the world over


Looking in at IPPUDO from OUTSIDE

“IPPUDO OUTSIDE” is a form of webzine put together based on teamwork between the
IPPUDO staff and a group of outside creators, who are responsible for the design and
copywriting of various brands and who, suffice to say, love ramen.

For us outside staff,
whenever we saw an IPPUDO in various towns and cities,
IPPUDO was the epitome of a “delicious tonkotsu ramen shop originating from Fukuoka”.
It was only by coming to help with IPPUDO’s work that we became aware of the astonishing
breadth of its activities and the depth of its commitment.
What IPPUDO is aiming for is to become as fascinating and in vogue as the car, fashion and
cosmetics brands which mesmerize their audiences throughout the world.
A desire to reach a larger audience gave birth to this IPPUDO OUTSIDE.

Using our outside view to explore the “wind” blow in by IPPUDO throughout many parts of
the world and by linking together various genres, we hope to be able to create a “new wind”.
That’s the kind of media we want to be.